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The law regarding STAR changed as of April 1, 2016.  Please read the information below carefully.

NEW Owners or First Time Filers for STAR  

As of April 1, 2016, the Basic and Enhanced STAR program is being administered by the NYS Department of Tax and Finance for new STAR applicants, and has been converted to a tax credit in the form of a reimbursement check.  New applicants must register with the NYS Tax Department.

                                                      Register Here      or call     518-457-2036   (8:30am - 4:30pm)     Additional Information Here

EXISTING Basic and Enhanced STAR Exemption Recipients  

The STAR property tax exemption for existing STAR recipients has not changed, and is still administered by the Assessor's Office. 

Enhanced STAR   Applicants must be over 65 years of age by 12/31. Proof of residence, age and income must be submitted with the application.  (Please read the following information regarding the age requirement.)  ***You must currently be receiving STAR on your property taxes to use this form and apply with the Assessor's Office.

Enhanced STAR Renewal

Enhanced STAR Optional Income Verification Authorization

Veteran's Exemption  Please read the following information to determine eligibility.

Address Change Request

Assessment Review Instructions

Please Note: The annual deadline for all exemption application filings with the Assessor's Office is March 1st.  After the deadline has passed, we begin accepting applications for the next year's assessment roll in July.


    Mailing Address:

    Assessor's Office

    Town of Warwick 

    132 Kings Highway

    Warwick, NY 10990


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